The First Time

There's always a moment when you have to confront a situation, or someone for the first time. Like I'm here writing this. I do it often but this is different.
 Not to mention all the planning we do, all the ways we search for so that we could make an impression or just to start well. As it's said "the first impression is the last impression".
So have you ever thought why it goes wrong even when you did a lot of planning or you searched for the best way out of all. Where does it all go wrong?
Well! No where. You can still be the best even when it didn't work out in the first time, you can still succeed even when you failed in the first one, you can get over the situation even when what you thought for the first time was not so effective. What are you waiting for - A Miracle, that happens only in fairytale.
They all say no one's going to come to save you, only you can. And that's right. Your first time didn't went right, fine. Give it an another try. Nobody's going to ask you how you started but everyone's gonna see how you ended. So here's it,

Today's Motivation Mantra - It's not that first impression is always the last one. It's not what you lost in the first time but it's always what you gained at the end and how well you ended it. 

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