She looked perfect that day. In her perfect red gown, studded with stunning jewelry and her lips dipped into deep red color. The poise with which she carried herself grabbed everyone's attention. Yet she seemingly looked for the one, ignoring everyone else. The one she did it all for, the Man of her dreams. The one who was perfect for her, thinking he would look at her, notice her and tell her what she always wanted to hear. But neither did he looked nor did he noticed.
Between this crowd there was this boy, who couldn't take his eyes off her. He admired her for what she was and for all she have. He knew how weirdest she can be, how vulnerable she can get, what beauty she holds and what's this smile she wore. He tried to get to her, but hardly did she noticed, hardly did she knew.
And the night ended too soon. She waited and waited for one but he left with some other girl. The other boy still standing there, noticing her as she ran away.
That day she felt ugly, she tore her gown, threw away her jewels, ripped off her lipstick, staring at her reflection in the mirror as tears roll down her cheeks, messing up her mascara as she weeps. That day she felt lonely and heavy and too desperate to have love which according to her, she hardly deserved. That day she thought nothing can go right with her and the next day they found her dead.
The boy she loved, mourned for the loss and the boy who loved her cried a lifetime.
We at times are so busy looking for the person who's perfect, that we forget to look for the one who's right for us.
We are so obsessed with the definition of perfection that we often make decisions according to it. Nobody's perfect, neither you are.We often chase people who are perfect for us, maybe we get them but eventually they leave and we are still behind them, hoping they would come along but the truth is if someone can leave you for once, they can do the same next time and the people we often neglect, the one's who are right for us, keep waiting because they never leave. And we often take so long to realize that.
"To realize that no true love can ever happen between two perfect people, it is always meant to be between the right ones."
The people who left you, let them go and don't ever let them define you, don't let them lessen your worth because they don't deserve it at all. But wait because eventually the right one is going to come along and make you realize that waiting for them was the best thing you could do for yourself. You might not recognize them at once but as soon as you do, don't waste another moment to be with them because the biggest tragedy in life is not when people leave you, it's when the right one's leaves you because you were too busy seeking out for perfection.
Don't look past at the same thing for so long time, that you lose to watch out for the other different things around you. Don't set a mindset. It ruins all. Just go with the flow. And make it right.


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