Inside Out

There's a thing that we all do - We Pretend.Whether it's in front of our parents, our friends or whomsoever we meet. At times even I'm confused by the way I act or behave in a situation which never demanded that. And it is not a one person thing, we all somewhere at some point face this. So do we lack confidence or do we underestimate ourselves?
What we do is we pretend to be someone else. We meet some persons and we try to be impressive in front of them. This even happens to me, my hand shakes and my head shivers. On due analysis of the situation I found that it wasn't due to lack of confidence or something like that. It was because at some point I tried to be the one I wasn't.
This usually happens because we become conscious to other person's expressions. We see ourselves from that person's point of view. And thus we behave differently. This could sometimes put all our efforts in vain.
Being yourself is not hard, it's all about being REAL and stop pretending. Yes there are times when it's not easy but if you are what you are and you feel free to show it to the world no one can ever stop you from becoming the best. Since you would be the one of your kind.
Because between What people think about who you are and What you portrays them. There's someone hiding, Someone The Real You. So If you are here to impress people then better know that people will criticize you anyway. Have guts and face them with what u really are. Someone The Real You.

Today's Motivation Mantra - It gets harder and complicated if you try to pretend in every situation. It's better to face the world with what you really are rather than portraying them a different image. Be Yourself.


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