Quitting vs. Starting Over

There has always been a confusion when you have to choose between continuing a job,or a relationship or something like that or you just don't want it anymore. And making a decision has never been so easy.
We do think of quitting some times when the things don't work according to us anymore and then we think of all its and buts, we think of what people would say, we think of all stupid things like this. But let me tell you that there's always a difference between choosing to quit and starting over again.
Quitting is easy, maintaining it is the hardest part. Is it really so?
You don't have a passion for your job and still you are doing it, you don't wanna be with someone who treats you badly and still you are looking for the ways to be with them, you don't like your job and still you do that job day and night with no pleasure. And then you say you should NEVER QUIT.
I find that illogical. I call it an act of coward. Since you are afraid to take a step beyond that and out of the people's fear, So you continue to be there.And you think it's like being courageous.
Not really, sometimes when you choose to be out of the things that don't give you pleasure anymore, that don't teach you new things everyday anymore, the things you don't have that die hard passion for. You should leave them right there and it won't be called as Quitting, it would be a new start.
And may be one day, just one day when you wake up in the morning happy and with all that passion to learn, to do your job, to love things and people around you. You would know that making a decision was never wrong, correctly it was never right then.

Today's Motivation Mantra - Starting over again has never been so easy neither quitting a job is. If you lack passion and motivation to do your job you know it's going wrong somewhere and that's a point where making a decision is must.

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