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Present Journey

We still live in our past, didn't we? And this has surely impacted our present. We read quotes that states of moving on, living your present and forgetting about past, we read it, give it a thought and move on, not from our past but actually from the quote we read and the thought we had.
The time we think about our past happenings our mind passes through a memory lane which is so tempting that we are unknowingly forced to remember those days, people we were connected to and all the sweet memories with a pinch of salt on it. Some of our past happenings are so lovely that we miss them now and then we waste our time thinking of the ways to live them again conscious of it's impossibility. Rather than thinking of living in present and making new memories we dwell in the old ones. The fascination is so strong that we forget our true belonging.
But is that how a life is lived? Worrying about the mistakes of past and uncertainty of future? A moment once gone is gone forever. Yes, we …

What If

This is what we ask ourselves everytime. Before or after, while doing anything or while making a decision. It automatically pops up in our head -
I wanna start a new job (yay!) but What if it doesn't work well?
I don't wanna do this anymore, What if others will question me?
Yes there are times when a wise decision making needs all what ifs or what nots. But that doesn't mean every single and silly things in your life needs most of your brain's attention. It is not necessary to ask this question to yourself at every single step.
I wanna dance. Should I? What If??
I wanna sing. What If people don't like.
I wanna wear this dress. Oh it's so pretty but little shorter than my usual dresses. Should I wear it? What If?? And our continuous questionnaire goes on. Come on! These things aren't worth whole of your attention. Just stop behaving like a question paper. Make a decision, be fine with it and enjoy that very moment.
You wanna visit that party, don't g…

Inside Out

There's a thing that we all do - We Pretend.Whether it's in front of our parents, our friends or whomsoever we meet. At times even I'm confused by the way I act or behave in a situation which never demanded that. And it is not a one person thing, we all somewhere at some point face this. So do we lack confidence or do we underestimate ourselves?
What we do is we pretend to be someone else. We meet some persons and we try to be impressive in front of them. This even happens to me, my hand shakes and my head shivers. On due analysis of the situation I found that it wasn't due to lack of confidence or something like that. It was because at some point I tried to be the one I wasn't.
This usually happens because we become conscious to other person's expressions. We see ourselves from that person's point of view. And thus we behave differently. This could sometimes put all our efforts in vain.
Being yourself is not hard, it's all about being REAL and stop pr…

Quitting vs. Starting Over

There has always been a confusion when you have to choose between continuing a job,or a relationship or something like that or you just don't want it anymore. And making a decision has never been so easy.
We do think of quitting some times when the things don't work according to us anymore and then we think of all its and buts, we think of what people would say, we think of all stupid things like this. But let me tell you that there's always a difference between choosing to quit and starting over again.
Quitting is easy, maintaining it is the hardest part. Is it really so?
You don't have a passion for your job and still you are doing it, you don't wanna be with someone who treats you badly and still you are looking for the ways to be with them, you don't like your job and still you do that job day and night with no pleasure. And then you say you should NEVER QUIT.
I find that illogical. I call it an act of coward. Since you are afraid to take a step beyond tha…

The First Time

There's always a moment when you have to confront a situation, or someone for the first time. Like I'm here writing this. I do it often but this is different.
 Not to mention all the planning we do, all the ways we search for so that we could make an impression or just to start well. As it's said "the first impression is the last impression".
So have you ever thought why it goes wrong even when you did a lot of planning or you searched for the best way out of all. Where does it all go wrong?
Well! No where. You can still be the best even when it didn't work out in the first time, you can still succeed even when you failed in the first one, you can get over the situation even when what you thought for the first time was not so effective. What are you waiting for - A Miracle, that happens only in fairytale.
They all say no one's going to come to save you, only you can. And that's right. Your first time didn't went right, fine. Give it an another tr…