What If

This is what we ask ourselves everytime. Before or after, while doing anything or while making a decision. It automatically pops up in our head -
I wanna start a new job (yay!) but What if it doesn't work well?
I don't wanna do this anymore, What if others will question me?
Yes there are times when a wise decision making needs all what ifs or what nots. But that doesn't mean every single and silly things in your life needs most of your brain's attention. It is not necessary to ask this question to yourself at every single step.
I wanna dance. Should I? What If??
I wanna sing. What If people don't like.
I wanna wear this dress. Oh it's so pretty but little shorter than my usual dresses. Should I wear it? What If?? And our continuous questionnaire goes on. Come on! These things aren't worth whole of your attention. Just stop behaving like a question paper. Make a decision, be fine with it and enjoy that very moment.
You wanna visit that party, don't give a second thought, go, go out, enjoy, dress as you like whether it's short or it's long, dance even if you are bad at it, sing with bad throat, do the job that makes you happy, make a decision which involves your heart but don't question yourself for being what you are and to do what you want to. And if someone question you about it, don't give a damn. It's your life, your decision and not their's.

Today's Motivation Mantra - If you are following your heart, don't engage your mind. Stop getting into this whirlpool of "What Ifs". It leads no where. Just live upto your decisions and make them happen.
#be_motivated :)


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