Taste of Failure

Failure. Just a word which possesses an ability to change the world. You might have seen people crying because of it, you might have seen them scared, feared to take an another step, worrying more and smiling less. Taste of Failure can be bitter or better. What it takes is a different outlook of it.
Failure isn't a failure unless we start accepting it, until and unless we know what our capability is. Cause may be it isn't about the destination, may be it's about the journey. 
The path you travel on is never easy, it's full of ups and downs, it's filled with adventures that will take your breath away, full of risks that are worth taking for. You might fall sometimes or oftentimes but that doesn't mean the road has ended. 
Like a baby who crawls and is learning to stand up on his feets, fall again and again in the process. But never give up. They stand, they fall, they stand, they fall like hundreds of time and finally they learn to walk. 
Your failure is just a new learning, it's a way to make you stronger. You are never defined by your failures. You have your distinct identity out of it.
You are not the intelligence, you are the knowledge. 
You are not your result, you are more than a sheet of paper.
You are not made up of numbers, you are made up of your character. 
You are not on whom people laugh at, you are what makes them jealous. 
You are always defined by what you think, how you treat people and how you stood up once again when you fall. 
Because it's not about how many times you fell down, it's about how many times you stood up the next.
And out of all the questions that haunts me,what scares me most is when I start questioning my capabilities. But in the end I know what I'm capable of. What I can do. 
One place is still empty and it's waiting for you to come over there, to grab it and to play your role.
Taste of Failure can be better.
You can conquer cause in the end they will praise you for where you have reached inspite of all struggles you faced in the process.
Always remind yourself that you are not made up of these failures, you are not what people think about you, you are not the bruises you have, you are what you are and you will get there, where you want to be.

Today's Motivation Mantra - It's about the process and not the end. You are your character, your nature and the genuine smile on your face which never fades. Which is absolute fact that you are stronger and everytime you fall, you are going to stand up.
Keep smiling 
Keep motivating :)


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