Struggles let you appreciate life

We all have struggles in our life. We all are struggling for something, somewhere at some moment. Everyone we meet has a different story to tell.
But have you ever wondered that why we people are so attracted to a simple smile when we go through a bad day, why our eyes are filled with tears when all our problems come to an end? That's simply because we know what it is to be like having a bad day, a day full of struggle, hardships and what it is to be like having failed for number of times. And at that time a genuine smile on a person's face, a small joke, our favorite song on the radio, a little help, our friend's call and such tiny pleasures can become a significant one.

Struggles let you appreciate life in a way that is different from all materialistic pleasures. It makes you understand that life is much greater than just making a living. 

With every day to day struggles you start understanding the importance of relationships in your life -
The people who matters the most in your life would never leave you alone and with every struggle you face, real persons will automatically show up to you. You would know who's real and who's fake and most of all you would know that relationships are worth maintaining for.

You gotta see the morning sun as it rises up above the horizon, lighting up the whole world and diminishing the darkness that hovered the whole night. How beautiful it is to see such wonders of nature with something to teach us at every step.

Your struggles teachs you the power of a simple smile on your face or on any other person's face, you meet -
Having a bad day means least curves of your lips. You were sad the whole day, and then suddenly you met a person who passes you a smile which leaves you smiling in return. That's why whenever you are meeting people whether it's your bad or good day pass a smile to them, you will make them forget their struggles atleast for a second. Isn't that great?

No matter how brutally you are torned apart, no matter how much broken you are, at the end this all would seem worthy. Because you will surely love your newself. The one which is mature, more compassionate, more stronger and highly demanding ;)

You will surely start loving your future self and at the end you would end up thanking your struggles for the change that it brought - 
You have been thinking to do a lot of improvement in yourself but end up being the same. But with every upcoming day your struggles will break you, torn you apart to mould you into a better version of yourself.

With every new struggle comes new challenges, with every new challenges comes new opportunities. Opportunity to grab the best and be the best.

All that glitters is not Gold, sometimes it's even us -
When you go through your struggles in your life, you overcome every obstacle you face in your path, you shine like a diamond. Your glittery, glittery shine goes to every direction which amaze people every now and then.

Today's Motivation Mantra - Your struggles are just a way to bring out the best in you. Don't let them break you instead let them make you what you always wanted to be. At the end it will seem worthy and you will shine like a star in the dark sky. 
Keep Motivating 
Keep Grinding :)


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