Since we have entered into the first month of this year,this title suits best. This is how we welcomed it yeah. Celebrating! Yay!!
People sending wishes of new year from the last day, celebrating it's arrival, welcoming it with smiles on their faces and loved one's besides them. And then as the clock hits 12:00, you can see social media sites flooding with new year wishes, people posting groupfies, selfies all over. But then I also saw some moron faces with no excitement of the beginning of new year, with no smiles on their faces and with boring looks.
"Haha, like seriously that made me laugh. I don't know why, may be because I understood the real reason behind every sorrow of our life. May be because this new year made me learn a new thing from the day it started and may be that's why I love it a little more."
I was more startled when I heard people saying that they have no excitement of this new year because nothing is changed in their life, they have the same job, the same working hours, same worries, same targets or whatever it is. They find it crazy to celebrate a day which is no where different from their previous days. 
Do celebration is all about late night parties, having stuffs to eat, going out with your friends, dancing on loud music, clicking pictures, having drinks, posting wishes all over? No, right.
Each day of your life is a celebration. It's more than that.
 It's not about one day, one month, or one year. Why should we sit back thinking that nothing is changed, why should we avoid celebrating?
Infact we should stand up and dance because we left whole of the year behind us and we are still alive and happy and healthy and we know we could make it till here because of us, our will power, our family and friends. So why not celebrate the day with them, wherever you are, with whatever you have, without worrying about the change, awaiting for the surprises this new year has instored for you. 
Every day when you wake up in the morning alive it's a God gift for you and therefore every day you live is a celebration.

Motivation Mantra - Take time to thank God and celebrate each day of your life. This year has surely instored in it some beautiful memories for lifetime and breathtaking surprises. Don't sit like a moron, chill people, dance and celebrate each day. If you didn't enjoyed the first day of this new year, take a time out with your loved one's and celebrate any other day but don't miss your chance to laugh and reminding your loved one's that you are thankful for their support. 
( P. S. - I always write it as Today's Motivation Mantra but this one's for lifetime. And this isn't sort of motivation, it's kind of a reminder. Let it go through your veins) 

#keep_celebrating :)


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